Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Raaz The Mystery Continues : Movie Review

If you don’t end up chuckling at some of the so-called spooky sequences, there is a chance that you might find Raaz - The Mystery Continues scary.

Now, what do you say of a horror film that besides sending a chill down your firm spine at few moments also ends up tickling it without intending to. This Mohit Suri -directed film is both scary and funny. Scary because it is, at its base, a collage of corroded clichés from popular horror movies that have been watched to their death. Clichés like a pair of hands emerging from the bottom of a bathtub to spook its sexy bather. Or lamps and lanterns going off before the ghost makes its presence. Or the grotesque faces in the mirror. Clichéd they may be, they are still potent in pumping your adrenaline and giving you some goose flesh.

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विक्रांत बेशर्मा said...

I pretty much feel the same way...very nice review