Monday, November 17, 2008

Dostana : Movie Review

rocks when it’s funny. But it shocks when you see a nicely developed plot lose its substance and become just a bland and emotionless tale of friendship and love in the second half.

You have to have a slightly cheeky sense of humour to like a film like Dostana , which is packed with over-the-top gay gags and ample gloss to glaze your eyes. There’s Shilpa Shetty in half-covered bikinis, Priyanka Chopra in beachwear and John Abraham in pulled-down (not all the way) underwear. If that doesn’t interest you (which I doubt), the humour in ‘Dostana’ would entertain you enough to sit through the length of the film without much bum adjustment.

The problem is that all the bonhomie and hilarity in ‘Dostana’ fail to culminate into a story that touches you.

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